Niccole Roberts - LMT

About Me

I’m Niccole, I am a Capri college grad and offer massage therapy here at Color Divine. I’m huge into sports and keeping the body as healthy as it can be by keeping the aches and pains away. For people who are active I offer a deep tissue massage that works out knots and kinks that will help your body be able to perform at its maximum level. 

For the less extreme and more relaxing massage I offer a hot stone massage that is very relaxing and rejuvenating by taking a warm stone over the tissue to provide a warm relaxing feel. 

If you don’t want a warm stone but still want a relaxing feel I offer a Swedish massage that provides a relaxing overall feel that can put one to sleep. Overall body massage that uses light pressure to help relieve stress and help the body relax. 

For all the mamas out there I offer pregnancy massages to help you feel relaxed and relieve the stress one may be feeling.


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